Certificate in the AIFC Legal Framework

THE AIFC Academy of Law has developed a special series of legal education modules designed specifically for legal and business professionals from different educational backgrounds.

The Certificate in the AIFC Legal Framework programme consists of four (4) modules covering the key “foundational” subjects required for programme participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the AIFC legal system and framework.
Professional field: Law, corporate governance
Course type: short-term courses
Delivery mode: online
Trainers: AIFC legal professionals
Duration: 80 min of lectures (+ bonus)
Price: 15 000 KZT (1 month access to course materials)
This online course includes the following modules:

  • AIFC Bodies & Stakeholders;
  • AIFC Participants;
  • AIFC Law Concept & Design;
  • AIFC Contract Law.

At the end of for the programme, participants may take a self-assessment test to evaluate their knowledge on topics based on their learnings or otherwise to demonstrate their understanding of programme materials.

As a bonus, the following module will be available after registration for the course: Foundations in Islamic Finance.


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AIFC Legal Framework
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